Hi friend!


Thanks for stopping by.  This is where I tell you a little bit of what makes me….me.

I’m Lauren.  A sunshine-addicted, Florida-transplant to Mississippi, coffee-lover, book-nerd, and biggest fan of my husband (I’m also apparently addicted to hyphenated words).

I adore traveling to new places and cultures.  I lived and taught English for several years in Beijing, and (completely unrelated) have been known to eat peanut butter and M&M’s for dinner (although I will say, that was in my single days…mostly).  My husband typically requires more sustenance than that.

Anne of Green Gables is probably one of my all-time favorite stories ever.  Confession: I used to dress up as Anne and act out scenes from the book in my bedroom when I was little, pigtails and everything.  My sweet husband, bless him, somehow understood my obsession with the Anne-girl and took me to Prince Edward Island for our honeymoon, thereby realizing a life-long dream for me.  Now I want to move to Canada.  Just kidding…I could never hack the winters.  Maybe summer vacations?

My husband and I have a dog, Piper, who we adopted from a shelter and who thinks she’s a 40-pound lap dog.  We are currently in the process of adopting (children, not dogs) internationally as well.  Adoption does seem to be a theme in our family.

Most of all, I’m a Jesus-follower, Truth-seeker, and chaser of HOPE, beauty and grace…which is what prompted this blog.  So glad you’re here.

engagement pic 5
My man and I
Our furball, Piper