Weekend Reads – Episode 17


It’s Friday y’all, and according to the calendar, it’s the first official Friday of the summer.  Although I don’t know about you, but here in Mississippi it’s already been summer (read: 80+ degrees and ThankGodforAC) since the beginning of May.  Calendar-shmalendar.  But in the spirit of things, I hope this weekend finds you sipping lemonade, dipping your toes in the water, eating something grilled, and all manner of summery fun!  Here are a few good reads along the way.

1 Real Cure for Burnout by Ann Voskamp

“All except One will assess your performance.  Only One will accept you before your performance.  Pillage and loot the world for all it’s worth, but only in Jesus is there 100% acceptance before even 1% performance.”

Get Off Your Porch by (in)courage

“I’ve always felt that I deserved people to move toward me to create community, especially when I’m the new girl in town.  The problem is that we’ve moved a lot and I’m almost always the ‘new girl.’  Some of us need to get off of our porch and stop expecting people to come to us.”

Ouch, yeah, I needed to hear that.

Why We Need to Start Calling Each Other Names – For Real by Ann Voskamp

“With the richness of the party draped still over my shoulders, I thought once again about how one of the great tragedies of our Western culture is that we have a nasty habit of waiting until we’re standing at someone’s funeral to speak the very truth about them that we saw all along, the truth that most made them who they are and the truth that, perhaps, they most needed to know if they were ever going to step into the person they were created to be.”

The Best Question to Ask When Things Are Going Hard by Katie Ganshert

“We may never know why something happens – why this circumstance, why this outcome, why this dratted, discouraging setback.  Those aren’t answers easily found.  But whoWho is all around.”


Confessions of a Contributor by Alia Joy for (in)courage

“Sometimes we think to make room for someone else in our circles we have to reach out.  But really, more often, we just need to step back.  Isn’t that always how the kingdom gets things done?  Backwards and upside down.  Because when we all step back, the circle widens.  The gaps become apparent and the silence in between begs for us to hear each other.”

Happy First-Weekend-of-Summer!



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