Weekend Reads – Episode 15

Well.  I don’t know about you, but I’m over here pinching myself with the realization that March is already over.  It has been full, in a good way, for us (this is actually my first weekend home in a month).  But I am also tired.  My soul has been refreshed in so many ways this month – soul-searching conversations, coffee with friends, reconnecting my mind and heart through worship and time with Jesus – and now, I think my body is trying to catch up with the rest of my soul.  That, and trying to get used to the blessed Daylight Savings Time.

So, for those of you who may also be feeling tired, or in need of quiet, or who may be facing uncertainty or battles that have made you weary or challenging relationships, here are several encouraging reads for your weekend.

On Making Plans and Hearing God’s Voice by Emily P. Freeman

“That still, small voice is the voice of God as he is united with me in the deepest part of who I am.  He often speaks in such a regular and familiar way that it’s almost too normal to point out.  We look for fireworks or signals or confirmation from somewhere other-than us.  But he keeps on reminding us that he has made our heart his home.  And that’s the place from where he’ll make his voice heard.”

Sunday Scripture by Annie F. Downs for (in)courage

“God goes before me.  God fights for me…That means a lot to my little warrior heart-the one that loves to fight for what is true and right, but often feels deeply tired.  And He will fight for me?  Okay, I hear that.  But when I don’t feel better and I don’t immediately see a change in the battle before me, I wonder if He needs my help.”

Facing Hard Battles? Here – You’ve Got to Know the Enemy’s Secret Strategy by Jennie Allen for Ann Voskamp

“If I were your enemy, this is what I would do:  Make you believe you need permission to lead.  Make you believe you are helpless.  Make you believe you are insignificant.  Make you believe that God wants your decorum and behavior.  And for years these lies have been sufficient to shut down much of the church.”

If the World Feels Too Noisy by Aliza Latta for (in)courage

“When the world is noisy and feels like it’s emptying us, God meets us in the quiet and slowly fills us back up…In the quiet, when I meet with God, He tells me who I am, not who I should be.”

The Unexpected Blessing of Loving When It’s Hard by Melissa Anderson for (in)courage

Everybody has a story.  We hugged and cried together in the hallway, and suddenly, it didn’t matter if the table settings were ready or if the cheesecake was thawed.  This is what it is about.  And I almost walked right past it.”

The Friend Who Exceeds Expectations by Mindy Larsen for (in)courage

“Absorbed by my longing for perfect depth, discontent settled like a fog over my relationships.  Instead of focusing on what they offered, I could only see what they lacked.”

The Superpower That Every Woman Has by Lisa-Jo Baker for (in)courage

“Sometimes we’re so busy wondering if we’re getting it right, so busy worrying we’re not measuring up, so caught up in thinking we need to be just like her that we forget she loves us just the way we are.”

*Side note – Lisa-Jo has a new book coming out on April 4 (just a few days!) called Never Unfriended.  SO GOOD.  You NEED to read this book.  I’m giving myself time to marinate on it…and then I will probably start all over and read it again.*

When Everything About Life Feels a Bit Up in the Air – How to Make That the Best Kind of Life by Ann Voskamp

“Who knows if signatures will happen in time, who knows if people on the other end of phone calls will say yes, who knows if things are just going to up and fall apart and who even know if…what looks like it’s falling apart – is actually falling together?”


Happy weekending, lovelies.


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