Weekend Reads, Episode 14

Happy Saturday, lovelies.  Lately, some gentle reminders have been sinking deep into my soul, like water into thirsty soil.  Maybe you’re in the same boat, also wondering how to love boldly, wrestling with discontentment, or desiring to filter the noise in your soul?  If that sounds like you, well then, here are some kind words for your weekend.


Loving after Trump by Leslie Verner for The Mudroom (fun fact: she was a former colleague of mine when I taught English in China)

“Love does not lose.  And God is not thwarted now.  And so it is in this belief I will fight – not with fists swinging, but willingly sacrificing my human right to wallow in anger, fear and sadness.  I will choose to love boldly.”


How Connection Helps Us Find Contentment by Holley Gerth

“I realize that discontentment can actually be a helpful warning sign with neon letters.  If doubt and fear are howling in my ears it’s most likely because a too-noisy life has drowned out God’s voice.  If I find myself wrestling with a friendship then I probably haven’t had quality time with that person lately.  If I worry about my work it’s often because I haven’t been actually writing.”


When Your Soul Needs a Slower Pace by Amber Salhus

“I start filtering all screen time through one question: Is it valuable?  Am I scrolling for a reason, or as a reflex?  Is this actually valuable or am I just ingesting copious amounts of useless information?  Adversely, am I offering anything of value?  Or am I just another voice in an already noisy space?”


Short and sweet this week, friends.  Enjoy your weekend!


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