A Beautiful Mix of Holiday Traditions

I was honored to guest post on Flourish, the Noonday Collection blog last week.  Now that we’ve returned home from spending Christmas in Florida with family, our bags are unpacked, and I’m stubbornly leaving up our Christmas decorations just a few days longer, I thought I’d share that post here.  Happy New Year!



 December, 2004.  Beijing, China.  I was six months into a year-long teaching commitment in China.  It was also my first Christmas away from home and my family.  Just as the culture shock began to wear off and I began to get used to the language and customs of this country that I was starting to fall in love with, the holidays rolled around and homesickness washed like a wave over me again.  On top of it all, I had come down with THE sinus infection to end all sinus infections and spent most of Christmas Day in bed with a box of tissues and a humidifier for company.  It was not my favorite Christmas, but it was a memorable one.  Now, given the distance of time and space, other memories from that Christmas float to the surface…

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