Weekend Reads

Happy Friday to you!  It’s been a while since I’ve put together a list of good reads from around the internet (since before the October series to be exact), but I kept saving lovely little nuggets as I found them over the past month or so to share with you.  All that to say, this list of weekend reads is a little longer than usual, so settle in with a blanket and a cup of coffee with cream (hey, treat yourself) when you have a few extra minutes and enjoy!


You’re Not Forgotten by Holley Gerth

“God isn’t ignoring our needs or waiting for us to be perfect before He answers our prayers.  Instead He’s working out His plans for us long before we ever catch a glimpse of what He’s doing.”


Sunday Scripture by Jennifer Dukes Lee for (in)courage

“Don’t be afraid to let people see God’s work in you.”


The Dream I Never Knew I Had by Heavenly Homemakers

“…what I’m most thankful to discover is that the best is not in the dream.  It is in the now.  The best of the best happens when I choose to love and enjoy and appreciate this moment, today.”


how we could get to be the kind of people the world needs right now by Ann Voskamp

“What if when others are striving for power, God’s people sought out those in pain?  What if when others are trying to win races and seats and control, God’s people are losing their lives for His sake, because cross-shaped love wins, living cruciform wins, living broken and given like bread wins us all the greatest feast?”


Social Justice is a Pot of Spaghetti Sauce by Ashley Hales for The Mudroom

“Because something had shifted: justice and mercy are never one-way.  Something in my experience made her cross the divide to talk to a privileged white woman about motherhood.  Not about Jesus or grace or giving our life to God.  No, we talked about pasta.”


Why God Allows Change by Melanie Davis Porter for (in)courage

“When we trust our heavenly Father through various seasons, somewhere along the path, the evolution of the heart finds a harvest of mercy, healing and new life.”


Dear Fears Trying to Break Us All by Ann Voskamp (again *smiling emoji*)

“Find where the fears lurk, look them in the eye until you know their realest name, say their name out loud and you find that every fear can be a mask for an idol.  Sit long enough in the quiet – and let the fear get close enough – the thing that seems like your worst nightmare – and then let your hand flash out like a fireball of fierce redemption, rip that flimsy mask off and name the fear for what it is.  Break your idols – and you break free of all your fears.”


That’s all for today.  Have a great weekend friends!


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