A Prayer for Today

Confession:  I don’t know about you, but it’s been really hard for me over the past several days to quiet down and hear God’s voice.  The noise of the election and social media has been overwhelmingly deafening.  As a result, my spirit has become filled with clutter and unrest.  I try to pray and all that comes to mind is cynicism and frustration.  It’s not a healthy place to be and I know it.

So today, I’m simply asking Jesus to meet us here, in the middle of wanting to rise above the divisions we find ourselves in as a nation and yet not sure how.

Jesus, teach us humility – as individuals, as a Church, and as a country.

Show us how to be people of grace – to see others who hold different opinions first and foremost with the eyes of Christ.

Show us the way of kindness – to see the similarities and the humanity in others rather than drawing divisive lines in the sand with our thoughts and words.

Restore our hope – to believe the best of others.

Restore our joy and laughter – (psst, this has helped):


On a (somewhat) lighter note, please also pray that we complete the immigration process of our adoption before the next administration takes over. 😉



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