The One Where My Hubby ALMOST Guest Posted



I’m borrowing a page from my husband’s book today.  We’ve joked several times that I should let him do a guest post here on the blog.  But…since he’s currently at work and I’m the one sitting in front of the computer, well, you’re stuck with me.

A little background on my man: as well as being a genius with tools and wood and home-improvement related things, J is a teacher and people-helper at heart.  His role as associate pastor at our church gives him the chance to do both of those things.

anniversary dinner


He recently (and by recently it was probably more like a year ago) taught on a Sunday morning about how important it is to share our stories with each other is, the different lies that we believe about sharing our stories and the truth that counteracts each of them.

One of the lies sounded eerily familiar to me:

“I don’t have anything to talk about.”

*Show of hands if you’ve ever heard a version of that in your head before (raises both hands, what the heck…feet too, in the air)?*




My version of that lie has sounded a little more like this:

“You might think you have something to share, but no one will actually listen.  It’s really not that important.”

I had started to believe that.  And slowly, imperceptibly, I took up residence on the band-wagon of measuring other’s reactions to everything and anything I said (I’m looking at you, Blog Stats, Facebook Likes and Instagram Hearts), where people-pleasing and performance reigned supreme.  And slowly, I began to care more about what other people thought about my telling of the story than I did about bringing glory to the original Author of the story.


The enemy of our souls and our sin nature seek to make the story all about us.  God seeks to draw others to Himself through the story of our lives.

Tomorrow…the truth about that lie.








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