How NOT to Get Any Writing Done, Rants About Panera, & Other Miscellany


You guys.  I’m torn.  I’m sitting here at my writing desk, looking out the window.  The wind is blowing, the windows are open, my dog is whining to go out, and it’s barely 70 degrees out.  FALL HAS ARRIVED.  I think October missed the memo earlier, but better late than never right?  Anyways, I’m torn because I feel like I need to write a post that’s on topic and deep and spiritual and brings you a little reminder that your story really is bigger and…I’ve got nuthin.’  But this challenge IS about writing every day, so…

(My dog is currently being VERY insistent on going out.  Excuse me before I end up typing in a puddle.)

Ok, I’m back (because I’m sure you all were on pins and needles about the current state of my dog’s bladder).  Anyways, we were talking about how I’ve got nuthin.’  I actually had grand plans of driving to the nearest city, which is 40 minutes away, and hunkering down at a new Panera Bread that just opened (so I thought) and being all productive and writerly today.  I drove down there, only to discover that it’s actually NOT opened yet, and when it does open, it looks like it will only be a Panera Drive-Thru.  To which I want to say, what the heck is that about??  For those of you who have been privileged to experience the wonder that is Panera Bread, you will know that Panera is not meant to be a drive-thru.  You are supposed to look through the glass at the marvelous pastries and bagels, sit in a corner booth and sip your coffee or soup while classical music plays on the speakers…  Drive-thru, smive-thru.  (In case you can’t tell, I have very strong feelings about this.)  Anyway, I gave up on Panera and drove down the street to Starbucks, where I ordered a very delightful Salted Caramel Mocha, and sat down at the only open table that had an outlet nearby (because my computer is ancient and has no battery power), which also happened to be outside.  In the shade.  Where it was breezy.  And after 20 minutes, I was freezing (because that’s what I do at 70 degrees or less).  So I packed up my bag, and drove another 40 minutes back home.

So as you can tell, I had a very productive morning with 20 minutes of shivering in front of my computer and an hour and 20 minutes of driving.  Which brings me back here to the house with the windows open, but a good bit warmer inside, and all I want to do is look at pretty fall pictures (and rant about Panera Bread, apparently).  So I’ll leave you with this instead – consider it a reward for reading this post about basically nothing:


Happy Friday, friends!



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