Learning to Embrace the Mess



Well, we survived our workday/weekend.  Actually, more than survived – came barreling through it is more like it.  One bedroom still has a gaping hole in the wall and is in a state of raw unfinishedness, but thanks to many helping hands, we got A LOT accomplished.  We are still sitting on ‘pause’ in this process, but are realizing that we could be hitting ‘play’ or even ‘fast forward’ in the near future.

And much like that hole in the bedroom wall, I’m very awkwardly learning how to embrace the rough, jagged edges of unanswered questions.  I’m learning that just because life feels unfinished and constantly changing doesn’t just mean it’s all mess (although it often IS that); it also means it’s in progress.

Even though I dearly love the neatness and tidiness of checking items off my to-do list, there’s something exciting about the unknown shape of things to come.  Sure, there are moments – many of them – when I’m tired of sawdust in the carpet, paint cans in the bedroom, and stacks of books that have yet to be arranged on shelves.  Moments when I just wish my house would look Instagram-worthy, with perfect lighting, blankets draped artfully over the chairs, and a beautifully random gallery wall of pictures (instead of still-blank walls after three years).

But even though our house may not be full of Instagram shots waiting to happen, it has been so full of memories.  They continue to be made in this messy process, as we are in progress, working together to make room for growth and even more memories-to-come.  And as much as I love inspirational home décor Instagram pics, memories are worth so much more.


So right now, I’m learning to embrace my messy, in-progress life for the memories that are being made…and the memories that are yet to come.


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