That Oh-Crap-Moment



We are knee-deep in paint, sawdust, furniture-moving, pizza and family this weekend, so I’m really just popping on here to say hi.

Hi. 🙂

You know when you plan and plan for something that’s waaaay out there in the future, and you know you need to do a million things to get ready for THAT THING, but it also feels like you have a million years, so you just do a little bit here and little bit there, and all of the sudden THE THING is speeding towards you faster than you realized and you have an oh-crap-moment because you only got 25 out of the 1,000,000 things done?

Yeah.  We had an oh-crap-moment a couple of days ago.

So we have helping hands painting furniture and building drawers and moving beds and nieces and nephews entertaining the dog (or is it the other way around?) and life is very full and blessed.

We’re always living in a bigger story, friends.

Have a great weekend!



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