Wrecked by Truth



There’s this scene in the movie Taken that guts me every time I see it.  I’ve actually mentioned it in more detail here, but the basic outline goes like this:

A former spy (played by Liam Neeson) finally manages to track down his daughter, who had been kidnapped and forced into human trafficking while sightseeing in Europe.  When she sees him for the first time after being drugged and abused repeatedly, she looks at him with lingering fear, disbelief and relief, and says, “Dad? You came for me?”

He simply moves towards her, wraps his arms around her and says, “I told you I would.”

Those nine words, specifically the last five, wrecked me the first time I watched it.  WRECKED.  Like ugly-cry-for-ten-solid-minutes-afterwards wrecked.

You came for me?

I told you I would.

And just like that, God exposed a lie that I had lived with for a very long time.  One that said I wasn’t worth fighting for.  Not only did He expose it as a lie, but He revealed the truth to my incredulous, slightly-disbelieving heart.

Truth:  If I told you I would come for you, I will.  I will always come for you.  You are worth fighting for.

There was a lot of healing that still needed to take place in my heart over the next few months, but that moment was the starting point, the incision God made cutting right to the heart of the matter.


And now, years later – happily married and moved on – He was bringing that truth to the surface again; this time, however, pointing it as a question back towards me.

Do you believe this adoption is worth fighting for?


Everything in me wanted to say “Yes!  End of story.  Hands down.”  But that wasn’t entirely truthful.  I was pretty sure this was the direction God was leading us, but honestly, I would prefer if He chose to pave the road ahead of us and make it all smooth sailing, thank you very much.  No delays, no difficulties, no pulling back on the budget, just an easy-peasy journey please.

And He has been paving the road ahead of us – blowing our minds, at times – but that hasn’t necessarily meant smooth sailing.  There have been delays (oh my word, the delays); there have been difficult decisions; there has been a reigning in of the budget.  This process has felt like a fight at times.

And when I started to get all whiney about being tired of fighting, He reminded me of that truth.  I was worth fighting for….and so was this.  Was I willing to live out the truth He had burned into my heart?


When God exposes lies we’ve believed and reveals truth to us, He does it to bring healing and wholeness to our hearts.  Yes and amen.  But there’s more to it than that.  He also does it so we can hold out that truth to others.

You’ve experienced the wonder of knowing you’re worth fighting for?  Go and fight for others, He says.

You’ve been overwhelmed by My unconditional love?  Go and love others radically, with grace and mercy, He says.

You’ve experienced My release from shame and bondage to fear?  Go and shine a light in the darkness for others, He says.

You’ve been forgiven much?  Go and forgive others, He says.


I haven’t learned to live that truth perfectly yet.  But it’s definitely worth fighting for.



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