Welcome to the Roller Coaster


You guys, I can barely sit still to write right now.

When I started this Write31Days series last week, I had calm, grand plans of slowly processing and writing through the journey that God has had us on this past year.  Sure, there were unknowns that would likely creep up throughout this month, but this series would all be very ‘writerly,’ linear, and well-thought-out.

Um, yeah.  About that…

If that’s what you were expecting too, I am truly sorry.  I’m apologizing to myself and to you because, well, I had those same expectations.  But this is real life, and I am humbly welcoming you to a front row seat for our crazy, right-now life.


This morning, I got a call from my hubby.  The first words I hear are:

“Hey babes.  You sitting down?”

Uh oh…  This could either be really good or really bad.

I sat down.

He then proceeded to give me some really, really, REEEEAALLLLY good news concerning our adoption process (which is why I’m having a heckuva time sitting still and actually typing these words right now).  I really wish I could go into more detail, and I will in the future, but for now let’s just say that God’s showing off just a bit in our lives right now.


I’m trying to think of some spiritual truth to apply here, some nugget to leave you guys with but….I got nothin.’

Except to say that when God writes your story, y’all…it’s really big.  Because He’s a really big God.  And sometimes He like to show off.

And I’ve written through the hurt and the pain and the hard seasons, so I get that sometimes it can all feel like maybe He’s forgotten about your story.  Like He lost your zip code, or He misunderstood or never even heard your prayer.  Been there.  Felt that.

But the story doesn’t end there.  If you are His child, it CAN’T end there, because you’re part of a bigger story that He’s writing with your life, and trust me when I say that it is good.  It’s oh-so-good.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

~Romans 8:28

Again, I apologize.  I feel like this series has you riding an emotional roller-coaster (and it’s only the first week!  If you’re prone to motion-sickness and you want to jump off now, I totally understand.  Although I promise to hold your hand and scream really loud with you if you do choose to stick around).

But you know what?  ‘Emotional roller-coaster’ is sometimes the best way to describe this journey, this God-story.  I’ve wanted to bail more times than I care to admit, and other times, I’ve held on tight and thought “this is the best thing ever!!!!”

So here’s to the ride – and to God showing off in our lives.


**I really wanted to include a clip here from the movie That Thing You Do (which is celebrating 20 years since its release this year…I feel old).  The one where Lenny gets hitched in Vegas and is passing out party favors to everyone…”I’m so happy!  I’m really happy!  Thanks for being here…”  But I couldn’t find it anywhere.  Seriously, Google needs to do something about that.  So you get this one instead.  But I am happy!  And thanks for being here.**




5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Roller Coaster

  1. I am excited for you also Lauren. Please don’t feel like you need to apologize for the roller-coaster…it’s delightful and wonderful to see how a story unfolds in real time 🙂


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