Weekend Reads

Happy weekend, lovelies!  Here’s a little bouquet of refreshing words from the Interwebs.  Enjoy.


One Race’s Youngest Runner Dreams of Finding Adoptive Family by RunnersWorld

Love this.


How to Find Happiness in a Sad and Busted-Up World by Jennifer Dukes Lee for A Holy Experience

“Maybe you think that the pursuit of happiness will take you a mile-step away from Jesus.  But what if happiness actually makes you more like Jesus?”


That Time I Stole a Television…and Other Lessons in Generosity by Annie F. Downs for (in)courage

“To be the recipient of undeserved generosity blooms something in your soul that cannot be wilted.  And while you may sacrifice when you sow generosity, you will reap as well.”

The Sacred Work of No Space by fellow Hope*writer Sarah Sandifer

“While it is so easy – and natural and normal and good sometimes, even – to focus on that thing out there, to work toward it, to wait for it, it is also so easy to view our right-now life as one giant waiting room as we hang around, waiting for real life to begin.”

Woe to all who thought life was lived in formulas by another fellow Hope*writer Tresta Payne

“Woe to all who seek to paint by number

A life,

A story,

A straight line to glory.”

**Pssst.  Coming to the blog next weekend…a little something I participated in for the first time last year.  And had so much fun, I’m doing it all over again!  Hoping you’ll join me here…**


Have a wonderful weekend, friends.


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