Weekend Reads

Happy Friday!  Here are some refreshing words to kick off your weekend:

The Blessing of an Unwilling Gift by Ed Cyzewski for The Art of Simple
“My sense of loss, though very real, was ultimately self-centered.  I had cultivated something that hadn’t just provided us with food over the years.  I had provided a gift to many of our friends.”


Why Fight for Hope? by Erin Ulerich
“We were made to feel.  We were made to fight for things that matter.  We were made to live in this broken world, to walk through the difficult times without being hardened by them.  It is through the battle that we develop perseverance, courage and compassion.  We were made for hope.”
“Why in the world disdain the small?  It’s always the smallest strokes that add up to the greatest masterpieces.”
 On Bookshelves and Babies and Believing in Hope by Mary Carver for (in)courage
“…But those bare bookshelves moved me more than the babies.  I’m crying as I think about them right now, in fact.  But probably not for the reason you think.”
“I bring the piece to my mouth and take a bite.  My eyes pop open.  It is, without question, the most delicious peach I’ve ever eaten.  An explosion of sweet and tart and summer.  I look at it and whisper right to its skin, ‘Who would have thought you had that in you?'”
Finding Hope in the Hard by Sarah Sandifer for (in)courage
“In those moments when we feel paralyzed by fear, by worry, and drawn away from our right-now moments, let’s remember that fear doesn’t get the final say.  Love does.”
Have a great weekend, friends.

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