Weekend Reads

Here are a few good reads for your weekend.  Because maybe you, like me, have known a season of waiting that, quite frankly, never seemed like it would end.  Maybe you have strained your eyes, your ears, or your heart to catch even a whisper of God in what seems like a death-silence.  There IS hope…

holley gerth 4

Hope: Why Our Tears are Like Seeds by Holley Gerth

“Maybe I resist the letting go because I know what happens next.  There will be dark and dirt.  There will be ugliness before loveliness.  There will be little control.  There will be waiting and watching.  There will be the vulnerability of hope.”

ann voskamp 3

When it’s Hard to Keep Hoping – When the World Keeps Breaking Your Hope by Ann Voskamp

“In the middle of things seemingly not working out for us – God is working out something in us.  Do not fear, ever.  Simply do not ever stop patiently waiting on God.”

ed cyzewski

When Conversion is Slow by Ed Cyzewski for Chatting at the Sky

“If my altar-call-faith prompted me to forever question the sincerity of my initial faith profession or to ask whether I routinely needed to ‘rededicate’ my life to God, contemplative prayer has challenged me to live by faith every day and to simply wait.  Each day I’m challenged to trust that God is present and that waiting on God will bring transformation – eventually.  And if God does bring transformation, it may not look the way I expect.”

glenna marshall

Look Up by Glenna Marshall for (in)courage  *because I felt like she completely read my mail with this post, in the very best, kick-in-the-rear, encouraging way*

“The process of resetting my mind on Christ means that I must turn my eyes away from my circumstances and refuse to let my unmet desires tell me who God is.  Rather, I look up, turn my gaze toward the Lord.  What does God say about Himself?”

Happy weekending-in-the-waiting, friends.


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