Tribe Weekend 2016

Last month, I gathered with my girls in the mountains of North Carolina for a week of girl-talk, food, laughter, games, food, and other general shenanigans.  Did I mention that there was A LOT of food?


Originally, we all lived in my Florida hometown together.  Over the years, jobs, schooling, and family commitments have separated us across the country.  Even though the four of us are spread out across four different states and two time zones now, the effort it takes to get together is SO worth it.

Last year, we began this annual ritual of saying goodbye to our home-peoples and drawing together for a long weekend.  The place isn’t as important as the company is.  Well, that and the food.  Because there will always be food…and lots of it.


So, this summer found us in the mountains of western North Carolina.  Lazy mornings in a cabin with a view of the heavens.  Afternoons floating in tubes down the river or strolling downtown shops.  Evenings emptying the fridge, playing games, and laughing until we cried (or peed just a little…let’s be real).  These friends are vitamins for my heart.


Quiet mornings on the deck with my Bible and journal were my favorite.  Even though I had a blast, my heart still missed this stud.


Ah…deep breath.  This was my favorite spot during the weekend.  There’s just something about being on the water that creates space for the soul…


And the mountains…


I TOLD you there was food.  This mint chocolate chip ice cream?  I heard angels singing.  Ah-mazing.


And all too quickly I was winging my way back home.  God knew I needed this trip.  My sides hurt from so much laughter…and Lord knows it had been a while since I had laughed that hard.

Hubby and I had been smack in the middle of a difficult and discouraging season in the adoption process, full of what seemed like multiple setbacks.  And don’t you know it, discouragement is one of the enemy’s favorite weapons in his fight to steal our joy.

This trip though?  An espresso cup of joy and rest that jolted me alive again.

Let’s face it.  Life can be hard.  Circumstances can be discouraging.  And God, in His wisdom, knows just how much we can take before we stumble in the battle.  And He sends His reinforcements – trips with friends, laughter, heart-to-heart conversations, good food – to remind us that life IS good.  HE is good.

That truth – that He. Is. Good – draws us out of discouragement and calls us to keep fighting for hope.

And, it also helps to have some gloriously delicious ice cream.


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