Weekend Reads

Here are a few happies for your weekend.  Because maybe you, like me, need a shot of kindness, hope, courage or rest…or all of the above.

kaitlyn bouchillon

A Note to the Church: Let’s Be For, Not Against by Kaitlyn Bouchillon

“Let’s be known for reaching across lines instead of drawing them.  Let’s be for one another instead of against racial differences or party lines or he-said-she-saids.”

ann voskamp 2

When the World Wonders Where God Is & If He Shows Up When Everything Looks Impossibly Broken by Ann Voskamp

“Even if He doesn’t do what we beg, we are still His beloved.  Even if He doesn’t, He still is.  Even if He doesn’t do what we will, His will is still right and His heart is still good and the people of God will not waver.  Real prayer has eyes on Christ, not the crisis.”

holley gerth 3

Hope When it Rains in our Lives by Holley Gerth

“These days I am not praying to always stay dry.  I am not asking for absolute safety.  Or a perfectly comfortable existence.  No, I am asking for the courage to keep running in the rain when that’s what it takes.”

chatting at the sky

Learning to Love My Actual Life by Alexandra Kuykendall for Chatting at the Sky

“It’s no surprise that a hustler is one who tricks and lies.  That’s exactly what the hustle does, it lies to us about what’s important and what makes us important.  The busier, the better, right?  The more productive, the more valuable.  It’s the American way.  Protestant work ethic and all.

Here’s to a joyful weekend, friends.


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