Weekend Reads

Here are a few happies from around the web…

unnamed (2)

When Joy is Hard to Find – Jolene Underwood for (in)courage

“Our enemy would have us believe joy is unobtainable, like the elusive carrot.  He would keep us wallowing in our hurts, treading daily without hope.  But it’s a lie.  Christ would have us know Him more.  He is the hope lying ever before us, ever behind us, and ever with us.  Through every trial, we find joy when we find ourselves with Jesus.”

Look Up – The Via Colony

“I am so easily caught up in my stride and the things right around me that I neglect to see what is in the distance.  And the distance is full of hope and grace and fresh mercies.  The distance is full of purpose and motivation to keep running.”

And that post reminded me of this one…


What Lady Mary and the Proverbs 31 Woman Have That I Don’t – Haley Stewart

“I’m like Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Patmore, Anna, Daisy, and Branson all rolled into one pretending that I should be able to do it all and have time to spare for that pilates class so I can have Lady Mary’s toned arms.”

badass superhero

I Might Not Be a Badass Superhero, But I’m a Hope*Writer and a Clumsy Blogger (so it’s kind of the same thing) – Amber Salhus

“Courage is one of those words that are fun to say and hard to do.  And finding courage when you lack it can be even harder…But what do you do when you’re short on both guts and glory?  YOU FIND YOUR PEOPLE. “

marian vischer

“Never Stop Starting” & 4 Other Truths to Keep Your Hoped-for Work Alive in the Midst of Your Right Now Life – Marian Vischer

“Friend, be faithful to the work.  Keep showing up.  You are an offering to your Maker and to the world he made.  He can be trusted with the outcomes.”

Have a fantastic weekend, friends.  Keep looking up.



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