Weekend Reads

Some words to bring rest, encouragement and hope this weekend…


Are We Supposed to Give Everyone What They Want? – Holley Gerth

“We are not to be human vending machines but instead wholehearted, intentional responders.  People who say, ‘I see you.  I hear you.  And as much as I want to say “yes” to exactly what you want, it would not be truly kind or caring or wise – for you or for me’… In this world we may be presented with a million requests.  But there is only one thing that fulfills them all.  Love.  And sometimes ‘no’ or ‘not now’ or ‘not that’ is the most loving.”

Andrew Peterson – Helping Bono Find What He’s Looking For

This video has been making the rounds on the interwebs.  I literally teared up the first time I watched it.  And the second time.  It left me with a hunger for the raw honesty and vulnerability expressed by David in the Psalms to be evident in my own life and conversations.  Bono mentions some concerns he has about Christian music today, and I found this article by Andrew Peterson (who is a fantastic musician, FYI) to be a humble and thoughtful response.

“Let’s talk about the artists who are baring their souls, troubadours and prophets with beautifully imperfect voices and stunning rhymes, songs about divorce and heartbreak and doubt, just like the Psalms – but also like the Psalms, songs about God’s steadfast kindness, his tender mercy, our desperate need for rescue.”

labors of love

Labors of Love – Katie King for (in)courage

“Can I encourage you today that your labors of love are not in vain?  The meal you cooked, the laundry you folded, the smile you gave, the kind word you offered: they are not wasted.”

writing your story

God Isn’t Finished Writing Your Story – Heather King for (in)courage

“Instead, I can bring the truest, deepest, most honest struggles to the feet of Jesus and know He loves me.”


When You’re Finding it Hard to Keep Up – Ann Voskamp

“The pastor had preached it and I had sat there between the Farmer and the kids and tried to keep my mind focused on the words and not the whirl of to-do lists in my head.  He had had us stand and recite Psalm 23.  Had us say it right out loud: Surely goodness and mercy shall pursue me all the days of my life.”

Here’s to resting and allowing the Good Father to pursue our hearts, friends.  Have a great weekend.




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