Weekend Reads

A few words of encouragement this weekend – for those who live by lists, those who labor under weighty expectations, and those who find themselves with questions in a dark season.

sarah mae

The Invisible List by Sarah Ann May for (in)courage

“Our battle is won and each of these seeming failures are really just moments that bring sanctification, molding me to be more like the Savior who already fought and found victory.”

Love God

Confession: “Should” is My Four-Letter Word by Holley Gerth

“If ‘should’ and its variations were cuss words, I’d make a sailor blush.”

into the fire

Between the And’s by Jennifer Deibel for (in)courage

“Just because God is able, doesn’t mean He will.  So then comes another fiery choice: Will I still believe His goodness and worship Him with my whole heart even if He doesn’t?”

Enjoy your weekend, friends.  I’m yielding to the call of a rainy day and heading to the couch with my book.


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