Weekend Reads

There can be a lot of crazy out on the Interwebs.  Criticism and rudeness have almost become the norm.  That’s why it’s so refreshing to find words and places that point us to hope, to the Author of all of our stories.  Here are a few of those words and places from around the web (with a random fun one to kick things off).

Brooks Shoe Finder

I discovered this site through the Carrots ‘n Cake blog.  I am in desperate need of a new pair of running shoes, and since my current shoes are no longer sold, this was gold for me.  It’s a quick quiz that takes into account things like balance, cushioning and flexibility to show you the shoe that’s perfect for you.  It’s like having your own personal athletic shoe stylist.

beautifully broken - (in)courage

Beautifully Broken – Crystal Stine for (in)courage

“Where is it in our hearts that we’ll need to allow God to dig into, to chip away the hard and broken pieces?  Are we willing to be moved so that God can move in us, to strengthen our weak places?…”

hope tattoo

Because Hope Does Not Disappoint – The Lazy Genius Collective

“The scar will never leave, and hope doesn’t hide the hurt life leaves behind.  But it can be the lens that changes everything.  When you see Alisa’s scar, you see hope first, and that is a gift…”

This.  YES.  Also, I want this tattoo.

holley gerth

We’re All a Wild Mix of Broken and Beautiful – Holly Gerth

“Because when we all just try to impress each other we miss out on a chance to bless each other.  Sometimes the healing comes when we are the first to have the courage to speak our struggles…”

Cherry - Noonday

Cherry’s Story: Creating Hope in Ethiopia – Flourish by Noonday Collection

“We discovered that there were 94,000 women in prostitution in Addis alone.  We were so overwhelmed by all of this that we decided to put all of the statistics aside.  We decided we would just find one or two women on the streets and develop relationships with them…”


When We Are Given a Different Dream – Lori Schumaker for (in)courage

“But dreams have a way of working out differently than we envision…what happens when that vision just isn’t a reality?  What if God is saying His vision is much different than yours?  Are you willing to embrace the changing of your dreams?…”

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.



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