Hope for the Middle


Morning by morning

The middle can be hard.  The middle of the week when it feels like Friday is still so far away.  The middle of a season of life where it seems like nothing is new, nothing will ever change, and the waiting will continue forever.  The middle of a workout where you’re gasping for breath and just want to call it quits.

The middle is not for the faint of heart.

Which is where Hope comes in.

She picks up the sagging spirit, the sagging body, and points to the glimmer of light at the break of dawn.  She points to a Savior who never sleeps, even in the darkest seasons.  A Savior Who waits for us to wake up each morning so He can whisper in our ear, “See?  Come see what I have for you today.”

Praying you hear His whisper in the middle of your week, friends.

Happy Wednesday.


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