What I Learned in February


What I Learned

Today, I’m joining the friendly little link party over at Emily Freeman’s space and reminiscing on the fun that February brought our way.  Join me?

 1.  It is completely ok to wait until February to take your Christmas decorations down.

I have several reasons as to why this took place. #1 – we were visiting my family in Florida for over a week at Christmas, plus had a long weekend with my husband’s family here in Mississippi, and so didn’t get to enjoy our own decorations except for like 3 days in December.  #2 – after the Advent season, the Christmas season doesn’t START until Christmas day and lasts for 12 days, therefore Christmas wasn’t technically over until January 5.  What’s a few more weeks?  #3 – I. Love. Christmas.  The end.

*Please note the Christmas tree take-down aftermath in the photo above.  I have a feeling that we’ll be finding pine needles in nooks and crannies until next Christmas.  Also note the Christmas village still displayed on the piano, which may or may not have continued to stay up for several weeks after the Great Christmas Tree Removal.

2.  We each have a perspective that no one else can give (thank you, Instagram).

I watched a lovely interview between the Nester and Gracelaced’s Ruth Simons on the Hope*writers website *Side note: you have to be a Hope*writers subscriber to view it, but if you have a writerly bent, the community alone is SO worth the minimal monthly investment.*  The girls were discussing how Instagram can be a really beautiful tool to create art and tell stories.  Ruth does this so. beautifully.  Her view is that ‘people are always looking for a story, and we each give a perspective that no one else can give.’  I. Love. That.  I confess I’ve been guilty of thinking “Oops, it’s been __ days since my last IG post.  Better put something out there.”  As I’ve sat with her words, I’m finding myself instead looking for stories to tell with my camera/iPhone and with my words.  Such a beautiful, freeing perspective.

(Go follow @thenester and @gracelaced on IG.  You can thank me later.)

3.  Watching BBC dramas causes my husband and I to adopt British accents when talking to each other.

I started watching Lark Rise to Candleford based on another blogger’s recommendation and fell in love with it.  My hubby was somewhat more reluctant, but he gradually became sucked in as well.  And then…Downton Abbey.  I’m probably the last person on the planet who only just started watching (we’re on season 2), but not for lack of desire.  I only JUST found out that our local library carried them.  Oh glorious day.  My dear hubby, bless the history buff that he is, can’t help but get sucked in yet again.  And after two hours of Robert Timmons/John Bates and Lord Grantham and Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley, something just happens – I can’t explain it – and we start using words like ‘bloody,’ ‘chap,’ and ‘good heavens,’ and everything we say sounds so refined, even if we’re talking about the dog going outside to poo.

4.  Maple syrup + foamy milk + coffee = magic (Related: Butterbeer lattes are also magical).

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law gave me a milk frother for my birthday last year. Ah-mazing.  However, the maple syrup was a new discovery that definitely kicks it up a notch.  Whip up a latte, squirt in a shot of maple syrup, and you have yourself a cup of magic.  Also, a nearby coffee shop has their own take on the Starbuck’s Butterbeer Latte, which I tried with great rejoicing.  Let’s just say it’s everything I imagined a butterbeer should taste like if it was mixed with espresso.  Hogsmeade would be proud.

photo source

5.  Wicked is FINALLY being turned into a movie!!!

Words cannot describe my joy over this one.  I can die a happy woman (after I see the movie, of course).  Now I’m just going to cross my fingers and pray that they have the good sense to recast Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth, although I heard a rumor that it’s not likely.  Ah well.  As long as they don’t mess with the music #defyinggravity.

Happy March!



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