Clearing the Cobwebs

Hello?  Anyone out there?

Oh wait.  It’s me that’s gone MIA.

At least I’ve learned something about myself.  It would appear that having set deadlines in place for writing are ‘sho-nuff’ motivators to keep me going.  No deadlines, no writing.  Needs-Self-Discipline, party of one.


Truthfully, even though things have been quiet on the blog, it’s been anything but quiet here at the Miller casa.  I’ve been in the midst of kicking off a new business venture…as an independent ambassador with Noonday Collection – and loving it!  (Shameless plug: you can check out my website here –

And….we’ve officially taken the leap and started the adoption process!  We’re still in the early phases and can’t go into too many details yet, but we are excited and expectant to see what God has in store.  My work with Noonday is actually helping our little family raise funds for the adoption process as it progresses, so that’s fun.

So even though time has been limited and words have come slowly, I’ve really missed this little creative outlet called writing.  It’s almost felt as though my thoughts have been more muddled lately, floating around in my head, waiting to be released in sentence form.  So short though it may be, here’s to jumping back in the water and clearing the cobwebs out.



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