Final Thoughts


You guys.

It’s here.  The final day of this challenge.

Is it ironic that I find myself at a loss for words?  I just read through each post in one sitting and, truthfully?  I’m overwhelmed and SO grateful.  Three thoughts kept rising to the surface as I read back over this month’s posts.

  1.  This journey of life – and of hope – really is all about God proving Himself to be the Hero of our stories.  He’s writing each of our stories, and we can trust Him.  He’s a good Author.
  2. Hope wins.  Every time.  Yes.
  3. I want this blog to continue to be a bench where we can gather, encourage each other, and share hope.

Thanks so much for sitting here with me this month, and for sharing your own hope and encouragement and stories along the way!

hope wins

Keep looking up friends.


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