Counting Small Moments


What are your days filled with lately?  What have the moments of your days looked like?  Because those small moments matter, you know.   That string of days that make up your week…they are significant.

This is our extremely obedient, non-yapping dog. She at least has a decent bark.


Maybe your days are filled with walking the dog, being a sounding board for your husband or friend who has a big decision to make, writing, paying for car repairs, homeschooling your children.  Each of those small moments that fill the day are opportunities for the God of hope to meet us – right there.

All the days (small moments) ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. ~Psalm 139:16

God knew what each of your days would be filled with before you took your first breath.  Today’s moments don’t take Him by surprise.


In order to stay intentional about living in the small moments (rather than breezing through the day, checking things off my list), I started a “These are the Days of” list in my journal a while back.  I haven’t been so good at it lately, but it served as a daily reminder that those small moments can be just as holy and filled with hope as the ‘big’ ones.


These are the days of:

  • falling leaves
  • porch-sitting while it’s raining
  • slow afternoons
  • library trips
  • ice cream after supper
  • slow diligence in writing
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • pondering God’s larger purposes

All those small moments count.  Let’s not let them slip by without noticing and inviting God into them.

What are your days filled with?

*I am indebted to Emily Freeman – the Queen of Small Moment-Living – for the idea for the ”These are the Days of” lists.


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