Letting Cheerfulness Massage Our Worries


I read this verse the other day and thought “Cheerful words can produce hope?  Really?”

I’m not making this stuff up.

Worry weighs us down, a cheerful word picks us up.  ~Proverbs 12:25

And yet how often I let myself become weighed down with worry.  My husband and I joke that he is Mr. Bright Side, while I….well, I’d like to smack the Bright Side every once in a while.

dark side

I have literally had knots in my back and neck for the past several weeks, just because I’ve allowed my mental worries to become evident in the tightness of my muscles.  Hello, worry.  And hello, massage.

Hopefully, those tight muscles will soon be eased.  But if I keep worrying, that massage is just a Band-aid.  I need to cut worry off at the root.  And Proverbs says the way to do that is by using cheerful words.

Hand writes the word thank you

So here’s my prayer for today:

Let the words of my mouth (for they matter) and the meditations of my heart (for they feed my words) be acceptable in Your sight, God.  ~my own paraphrase of Psalm 19:14

Let’s allow cheerful words to massage our worries into hope today.


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