Let’s Make Benches


I can hardly believe this is the final Monday for this 31 Day writing challenge.  I have loved this even more than I thought I would!  And even though I will most likely step back a bit from writing everyday (it has made for a VERY full, and at times overloaded, month), this has kindled the desire to pursue writing as a discipline in my life on a regular basis.

In Emily Freeman‘s newest book, Simply Tuesday, she writes about making ‘benches’ in our lives – spaces where we allow ourselves and others to slow down and connect with one another.  (Sidenote:  If you haven’t read it yet, get thee off thy couch and go henceforth to a bookstore – or Amazon – and purchase said book.  You won’t regret it…promise.)

Sitting on a bench isn’t really our natural inclination, though.  We’d much rather jump on a platform and share our feely-feelings, thoughts and opinions (here’s lookin’ at you, Facebook).  But really, wouldn’t those feelings and thoughts be better shared on a bench, more intimately, with someone we’ve taken the time to build relationship with?  Would our opinions not be better received on a bench, when shared with someone who also knows our heart?  Sure, building that relationship takes work, but the connection that results is worth far more than receiving loads of Facebook or Instagram likes.  That’s something I have to remind myself of constantly (read: every time I check social media).

My hope and prayer for this space, this blog, this corner of the internet, is that it would be a bench.  A safe place of connection, where relationships can be nurtured, people can be encouraged, and we can all slow down and sit with each other.


Thanks for stopping by and sitting a while.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Make Benches

  1. Love Emily Freeman but I haven’t read Simply Tuesday yet. I saw on your Goodreads list that you’re reading Pride and Prejudice and Cheese Grits. How do you like it so far? I read not too long ago.


    1. I just read the first chapter last night actually, so I’m not too far into it yet. 😉 I figured Jane Austen + Mississippi sounded pretty entertaining. What did you think of it?


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