The Gift of Remembering


As important as is to remind ourselves of the truth found in that one little word “yet,” I believe it’s equally important to practice the discipline of remembering.

Because aren’t we all forgetful?

I KNOW you have never been one of those (like me *ahem*) who have searched the house over for those dang sunglasses, only to find them perched on my head.  Or walked down the hall to the bedroom, reciting “get the coat out of the closet” in your mind, only to walk through the doorway and think, “Well, now I know I came in here for something….what in the Sam Hill was it?”  Yeah.  I’ve never done that either.


So now that we have that cleared up….wait, what were we talking about again?

Oh yeah, remembering.

The thing is, just like we sometimes need to remind ourselves of the truth that God is good and that He will never leave us, sometimes we also need to remind ourselves of the times that He’s already been there for us in the past.

These human brains so quickly forget, especially in the middle of crisis-mode, that this is probably not the first time that we have thought, “Unless you show up now, God, I’m never going to make it until the next paycheck (or the next doctor’s visit, or fill in your own blank).”  I’ve found that’s the time to halt the crisis-mode thinking, sit down and go through His word, read through old journal entries, and remind myself of how faithful He has already been.  And the best part is, He doesn’t change.  If He was faithful then, He’ll be faithful now.  His faithfulness may not look like you thought it would, but that doesn’t make it any less faith-filled.


Sometimes the faithfulness He pours out on us is not meant to end with us; it’s meant to be poured out on those around us.  He reminds me of how He fought for me in my struggle with depression in the past, and then brings someone who has that same struggle across my path.  Will I hold tight to the gift of his faithfulness, as if there isn’t enough to go around?  Or will I share with that one who struggles? Letting them know that, even though it may not feel like it, He is there….and He is good.

My prayer is that I will continually remember…and have open hands to share the gift that remembering brings with others.


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