The One with Unending Patience (aka, Not Me)


I am not an overly patient person.

Just place me in front of a piece of malfunctioning technology (computer, printer, iPhone, etc.) and you’ll see what I mean.

cuppa tea

I think that’s why I’m so, so grateful that my heavenly Father often describes Himself as One with unending patience (Heaven knows I’ll need to make a withdrawal from that patience-bank of His in huge lump sums when we eventually have children).

Even though, as His daughter, I bring my requests, desires, wants and needs to Him continually – sometimes ad nauseum – it never wears Him out.  In fact, He calls Himself the Rock of refuge.  The One I can always and constantly run to.


I’m so thankful.  And I want to be more like Him in that respect one day.  We’ll never be perfect, especially in the patience-realm, this side of eternity.  But, we can keep hoping, keep dreaming, keep trusting…because of His patience.

Rustic vases


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