Taking off the Sunglasses


I waited patiently for the Lord; He inclined to me and heard my cry.  ~Psalm 40:1

My husband and I lead the college group at our church.  Along with keeping us young, they help keep us up to date all the important pop culture happenings, like the latest makeup trends (for me, not J – don’t be worried), how to text completely in emoticons, or – in this part of the country – which gun is needed for deer hunting season (for J, not me – I love Bambi.  Although, I will eat me some deer sausage *shh*).

I just read that last sentence back to myself and realized that I made us sound ancient.  Just to be clear, we are still in the 30s range….don’t push it, Granny-pants.

Anyway, we were talking with our college peeps (see? I know the lingo) one night about positioning ourselves to hear from God, like the story of Samuel as a boy in the temple in the Bible.  J told them that the truth is, God is always speaking to us, if we just position ourselves to hear His voice.  Sometimes that involves waiting patiently through what feels like a quiet season; but He’s always there, speaking AND listening.

After going through a season where I felt like God was silent, even holding out on me, I realized the beauty of others holding onto hope for me and with me.  And yet truthfully, I had still been doing a lot of venting to the Lord, and hadn’t stopped too much to see what He might be saying back.

cuppa tea

After listening to my husband, I realized I wasn’t doing such a grand job of positioning myself to hear God.  Lead by example, right?  And so, I stopped talking and started listening.

When I got quiet, I realized that He really had been speaking all along.

Earlier that week, my aunt (who I hadn’t talked to in a good while) had texted out of the blue to say she wasn’t sure why, but God had put us on her heart and that she’d been praying for us.  My mom had been in the habit lately of texting me a different verse each morning.  The sunglasses came off and my eyes saw, really saw, God at work behind those actions.  He really had been speaking, trying to get my attention.  He had been at work behind the scenes all along, impressing others to pray and send words of encouragement.  He was speaking; I just hadn’t been positioning myself to listen.


Sometimes, in order to grip the string of Hope a little firmer, we may need to stop talking.  Just be quiet.  Take the sunglasses off and see where He’s already been at work in your life.  He just may have been trying to get your attention all along.


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