The One Where YOU are Vital to Your Story


Christ in you, the hope of glory…  ~Colossians 1:27

Those words have been floating around in my head today.  On my run this morning, I was listening to a podcast when the speaker, Candace Johnson from Bethel Church, quoted this verse.  It’s what she said next that really grabbed my attention:

The you part is really important.  Nobody else can give what you have.

As soon as I got back in the house, I grabbed a pencil and the closest piece of paper, which happened to be the grocery list in my daily planner, and wrote it down.  Because I’m visual like that.  And also because I tend to forget things.

And this just seems to important to forget.

uphill 1

See, God is not only writing my story, He’s the Hero of my story.  He is my hope.  He’s the Hero of your story too.  He fights for us.  We belong to Him.  And I am vital to my story….YOU are vital to your story.  As much as I admire and appreciate so many godly women who have had an impact on my life, God is not calling me to be another Emily Freeman or Jen Hatmaker in my writing (thank you, EF, for teaching me the importance of smallness…and JH, for showing me how to be real – and to laugh out loud).  He’s not even calling me to be just like the other pastor’s wife at church who seems to have it all together.  He’s simply calling me to be me.

And he’s simply calling you to be you.


Because the ‘you’ part in “Christ in you, the hope of glory?”  Nobody else can give what you have.  Nobody else can write those words that are stirring around in your spirit.  Nobody else can bake those brownies and offer them with a smile quite like you can.  Nobody else can parent those children like you can.  Nobody else can teach that class, wash that car, study for that course, or paint that canvas…like you can.



And YOU are who He chooses to work through…in your story, and in the world around you.

So let’s be brave.  Let’s stop comparing.  Let’s allow Christ in each of us to BE the hope of glory that He can only be…through us.


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