31 Days?!

31 days of hope button 3

So, this girl went and signed herself up for a crazy challenge…writing for 31 days in a row in October.  About the same topic.  And since I’ve been averaging anywhere from 1-3 posts each month since I started this blog, making the jump to 31 posts in one month should be, um, easy-peasy, right?  Stop smoking crack, chica.  Definitely NOT easy.  But, I do think it’s actually gonna be fun…and stretching.  Now please excuse me while I go stock up on ALL THE COFFEE I’ll be drinking come October.

31 Days of Hope button

Honestly though, I really have enjoyed brainstorming topic and writing ideas, interacting with other bloggers who have also signed up for this crazy-fun-stretching challenge, and even playing around with graphic images…as evidenced by the random pictures I’m including in this post.  You’re welcome.  Thoughts?  Preferences?

31 Days of Hope button 2

Peace to you.  It’s almost Friday!


5 thoughts on “31 Days?!

    1. Yay for 31 Days! Wisdom from the animals…I’m intrigued! I think my favorite part of this so far is getting connected and feeling like we’re all in this together. 🙂


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