*Linking up with the Five Minute Friday community today.  Five minutes.  One-word prompt.  Free writing…not much editing.  A little vulnerable and scary, but maybe just the jump-start my writer’s block has needed lately?  Thanks in advance for grace.*


In my head I know the Christian answer is “I am never alone.”  So why does it take so long for my heart and feelings to catch up with my head?  Our feelings so often inform our thinking, when really, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Lots of questions.  When I am alone, or just feel alone, I get in my head too much.  Start thinking up make-believe conversations or situations that never have and never will happen.  Sounds a little schizo, yes?

Like right now, I’m at a loss for what to write next, and fear holds me back from just writing, just typing words to screen.  What if it doesn’t make sense?  What if it sounds completely disjointed?  Perhaps there’s a little bit of perfectionism that I bring to the table with my writing (or more than a little bit).

And yet there’s a whole gracious community of writers out there who remind me daily that I’m not alone.

Time’s up. Exhale.


2 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Oh yes – the feelings that scream the lie… and yet the truth that we know is that we are never alone. I think it helps to remember that there is a difference between being lonely – and being alone. So glad you braved it and hit publish and jumped in! Some times these timed prompts keep us all up in our heads, but some times (usually after lots of practice!) – the words just flow and we willingly spill them out! Glad we are neighbors tonight over at Kate’s!


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