What I Learned in July


*Our dog Piper whines to go outside every morning.  This is not a revelation.  She’s been doing it since she learned her way around our new house.  Looking at me – still in pj’s, then looking out the window.  Following me across the dining room, standing and waiting – impatiently – at the door to the bedroom.  Whining starts in earnest when she hears the bathroom drawer slide open…*Oh my gosh!  Mommy’s putting her contacts in!*  Looking at me with those pathetic eyes…*I’m ready!  Hurry up!  Where are you going now?!  Take. Me. Outside!*  My revelation was this::  I looked at her one morning, in her whiney fit, and sighed/grinned, “It’s ok, Piper, I see you.”  And then it hit me.  Is that what I do to God sometimes/all the time?  “I’m ready, God!  Hurry up!  Where are you now?!  Bring. Me. What. I. Want!!”  Meanwhile, He’s grinning and looking at me, saying “It’s ok, Lauren, I see you.  I haven’t forgotten you.”  Ouch.  They say pets take on their owners personalities….or is it the other way around?

*Decorated bookshelves make me happy.  On top of that, I’ve noticed that designating a writing corner with bookshelves, a candle and a window feeds my inspiration.  Which you’d never know by the silence on the ‘ole blog this month.  Chalk it up to a week of VBS prep, a week of VBS, and travels back and forth to Indiana/Chicago – twice.  Not so much writing going on.  But I do love those bookshelves.

*It’s okay to be still and wait when facing life-changing decisions.  In fact, it’s probably the best stance to take.  My husband and I have been contemplating pursuing adoption and, while we know it’s something God has put on our hearts, I just keep sensing Him pressing ‘pause’ for now.  And that’s okay.


*Even homebodies can go stir-crazy – this week proves it.  Sunday night: got back from Indiana/Chicago and picked up jeep from shop. Had to jump the battery but got it home.  Monday: stayed at home catching up on laundry, cleaning, etc.  Tuesday: went to run errands but jeep was dead again.  Stuck at the house.  Amazing hubby jumped it when he got home from work, and we ran said errands.  Wednesday: jeep started, ran errands.  Yay!  Thursday: jeep battery dead, stuck at house.  Got new battery after J got home from work.  Hallelujah!  Friday: jeep runs, keys locked in jeep, stuck at house again. *face palm*  This girl is ready to GO OUT for date night tonight.  (Silver lining:: house is clean, laundry is done, back bedroom has some semblance of organization, and I’ve put a dent in my to-read pile).

That’s all for now friends…got some reading to do.  Have a great weekend!  Keep looking up.

PS – This post is a linky-link up with Emily Freeman over at Chatting at the Sky, who just so happens to have a new book coming out in a few weeks – Simply Tuesday – and if you haven’t already, you need to drop everything now and pre-order it.  Seriously.  It’s a breath of fresh air in book-form.


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