What’s on my Bookshelf

Let’s imagine for a moment that you and I have settled down in a cozy coffee shop with a cup of coffee (or tea, or espresso, or whatever floats your boat).   We’ve chatted about our upcoming plans for summer vacation, the fact that blue-jean bellbottoms are making a comeback (and all the hippies said amen!), and the latest pranks of Piper and Zacchaeus (Aka, my dog and cat.  Yes, I can talk about them like they’re my children because. I. Can.).

The conversation turns to books, because….it’s summer, and what better way to enjoy the long days than by making a dent in that mile-long reading list?  And now I just had the thought that there’s probably something to the fact that I look at time to read as the perfect opportunity to check things off a list, instead of enjoying a good book for the sake of the book itself.  Which is probably another post entirely.

Anyhoo, here’s what I’ve been reading lately:

dawning of deliverance

The Dawning of Deliverance by Judith Pella

This is honestly evidence of me trying to finish up a series that I started I think in high school.  They belonged to my mom back then, and I remember enjoying them when I was going through my ‘read all the Christian historical-fiction/romance books I can possibly get my hands on’ phase.  Gilbert Morris or Janette Oke, anyone?  I actually have fond memories of trading books back and forth with my grandpa.  Yeah, I was pretty much a 65-year old trapped in a 16-year old body.  Anyways, after we got married, I discovered that my husband had the whole set (clearly we were meant to be together).  Since I had only read one or two in high school, I decided to try and finish them.  Apparently, my tastes have changed – or matured, whichever the case may be – since then, because they’re, well, just…eh.  The Russian history aspect of it is pretty interesting, but the story line is pretty much the same in every one – simple (which often comes across as one-dimensional), God-fearing girl falls in love with daring scoundrel who doesn’t really believe in God, but you can bet your sweet booty that by the end of the story, she will have been the catalyst that brings him to faith in Christ and the two of them will end up together.  The end.  And yet, I’ll still probably go ahead and read the rest of them because I’m one of those people that usually has to finish books, even ones that are just ‘eh.’

sacred influence

Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas

I’m reading this one slowly, so I can savor and marinate on each chapter a bit.  This is the first Gary Thomas book I’ve read (Sacred Marriage is also on my to-read list), and so far, it’s good food for thought.  Plus, it’s always helpful to have counsel from a guy on how to better love and respect your guy.

antelope in living room

The Antelope in the Living Room by Melanie Shankle

I’m reading the Kindle version of this on my iPhone, and it is laugh. out. loud. funny.  And relatable.  And did I mention funny?  Melanie blogs over at Big Mama, she’s a Texas-girl through and through, and the stories she tells from her marriage to her husband, Perry, have been know to make me snort with laughter.  And wonder if she’s somehow been a fly on the wall in our own house.  Seriously.  Just last night, J had to work late, so I was alternately reading this and watching episodes of Friday Night Lights.  While reading the chapter entitled “Because Innuendo is the Sincerest Form of Flattery,” I had tears rolling down my face and a good sweat worked up because I was laughing so hard.  And no one but Piper to share the funny with.  So naturally, when he woke up this morning, I re-read it to J…and the tears and sweat happened all over again.  It’s quite the miracle that I actually managed to articulate it out loud at certain points.  What can I say?  Every couple needs a few good “That’s what she said” jokes to keep the romance alive.

hp and goblet of fire

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling

My hubby and I are still working our way through the Harry Potter series – him for the first time, me for the second.  What else is there really to say about Harry Potter?  It’s even better the second time around.  I’m thinking it needs to be in the company of other faves like the Anne series and Chronicles of Narnia that get read every couple years.  Just because.  They’re magical (no pun intended).

So.  What are you reading?  Any suggestions (so I can make my to-read list even longer)?

Happy Friday!


9 thoughts on “What’s on my Bookshelf

    1. That sounds like fun too! Always up for talking about books. 🙂 Although I’ve kind of hit a writer’s block snag lately…feeling more like reading all. the. books. but not so much writing all. the. words. Maybe it’s summer-brain. Any tips for jumping over that hurdle are appreciated. 🙂 Maybe I do need that random no-filters writing exercise… 😉

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      1. Oh man, I get it. Sometimes I feel like I should just shut down my blog, to be honest. I take the responsibility of writing words pretty seriously, and sometimes I feel like I’d be better off just shutting my mouth, you know? I’ve always found your words to be really encouraging and solid, though. And yes, sometimes I just have to write something, anything to get the ball rolling. Then edit later. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. And don’t you dare shut down your blog. 😉 Your words are beautiful, thoughtful and encouraging. Your post about Love Machines really resonated with me…particularly after moving from a church home that WAS like family to me to a new state and new church…and the awkwardness of learning to fit in and love a new church family. I have a feeling I may be revisiting those words when I need a graceful reminder. 🙂


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