Kittens, Baseball, and Other Miscellany

Today, I’m linking up with Emily over at Chatting at the Sky, and sharing a few things I’ve been learning this month.  So here are 7 things – from the revelatory (at least to me) to the random:

1) Worship both positions me to join God in what He’s doing around me, as well as invites Him into my place of need.

The act of focusing on Him and His greatness – who He is – extends an invitation for Him to fight my battles for me.  I’ve been soaking up a lot of Bethel podcasts lately, and Bill Johnson has been kicking my tail – in a good way.  He said this in one I listened to lately, and I had to grab my journal and write it down:

When I worship, it’s as though Your Spirit is going out and whipping the enemy’s tail, and then coming back and congratulating me on the victory.  But I didn’t even realize I was fighting a battle.  I was just attempting to stand firm in hope, loving on You, Jesus.

I want to be more focused on Him than the battles around me.

2) A baseball-watching hubby = happy hubby.


My man is a HUGE Mississippi State Bulldogs fan, specifically baseball.  He grew up in Starkville and went to countless games with his dad and brothers.  So when he found out they were doing renovations on the baseball stadium after this season, he had to visit the ‘original ballpark’ one last time…and, as he said, “share it with you (me)” since I had never been there.  Sweet, right?  He was like the proverbial kid-in-the-candy-shop, as you can tell.  Give him a foam finger and he’s a 12-year-old again.  We definitely got our money’s worth…the game went into extra innings…14 to be exact.  With a heartbreaking loss to LSU at the end.  Dang it, Bulldogs.

3) Along the lines of baseball, *sigh* I’m not as limber as I once was.

Apparently, if you haven’t played competitive softball since high school and you’re in your mid-thirties, it’s not the grandest idea to play two games in one day, back-to-back.  And volunteer to pitch the second game.  Just sayin’.  Muscles I didn’t know I had were revolting for at least two weeks afterwards.

4) Strawberry cheesecake milkshakes from Sonic are the bomb.

And, they’re half-price all summer long.  I want one now.

5) I’m complete in Christ, really and truly.  I’m not “missing something” because I don’t have children yet.

This has been kind of a big one for me.  So May hosts Mother’s Day.  A holiday that, quite honestly, I’ve come to dread over the past few years.  Greeting cards boast, email ads flood the inbox, shouting “You’re a Mom!  Treat yourself!”  Everything online, in stores and churches, honors and rejoices and lifts up mothers.  And mothers 100% deserve our appreciation and gratitude…I’m SO thankful for my mom, mother-in-law, and those who have mothered me.  But having spent the past several years living with the ache of arms that have yet to hold children of our own, Mother’s Day tends to be a bit painful.  And even though it hurts, I know that I want to be someone who rejoices with those who rejoice, even when the rejoicing reminds me of that ache of unfulfilled desires.  I’ve found that it’s especially when I compare myself to other moms around me that the message that ‘something is missing in my life’ plays louder and louder in my head.  And yet.  And yet, God says that I am complete in Him, lacking nothing.  No child will ever fill the ache inside that only He can.  It doesn’t mean the desire isn’t pure and isn’t from Him.  It just means that desire is meant to turn me towards the One who fulfills all my desires.  He completes me.

6) A new kitten is just a furry little smile.


Meet Zacchaeus.  If he/she turns out to be a girl, we’ll call her Kia.  She was the runt of the litter, and when we got her three weeks ago she could fit in the palm of my hand (can you tell I’m already assuming it’s a girl?).  I mean, how can you not smile at that?

7) Good conversations over good food can be a spiritual experience.

As a quality time person, I love a good conversation.  Not just a ‘hey, how ya doin’?’ talk, but real soul-to-soul fellowship.  I also LOVE me some good food – burgers, Italian, Chinese (and none of that buffet crap…it needs to be the real deal), Thai, good coffee….all of it.  I’m in.  Put the two together and I walk away feeling like my spirit and body were just fed a gourmet meal.  Now who’s up for some pad thai and Starbucks afterwards?


6 thoughts on “Kittens, Baseball, and Other Miscellany

  1. You should write a book! Love your posts. And if we were closer I’d take you up on the food and fellowship (maybe not the Thai variety though).

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  2. Such a sweet little kitten! Pad Thai and Starbucks…I’m in! Maybe when you take that trip to Oregon. 😉 Also loved your thoughts on being complete in Christ. I always struggle to wrap my head around that. So important.

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