It’s the Little Happies…

I am not a photographer.  Most assuredly not.  But I so love looking at beautiful things.  That’s why Pinterest for this visual girl is both a not-so-guilty pleasure and a black hole sucking hours of my life away.  Boundaries, Lauren, boundaries.

So, even though I don’t know much about camera aperture (not even sure I spelled that right?) or correct angles, I do know how to punch the button on my iPhone.  And I’ve found that I enjoy capturing little moments or vignettes that bring a smile to my face.

Here are a couple of the things that have been making me grin lately…

Clockwise from top left:

– This is my view first thing nearly every morning.  First, coffee, then settling in on the couch with the fluffiest red blanket for some quiet time.  My hubby and our dog, Piper, are usually curled up on the couch across from me.  Of course, my man typically has his head in his Bible, not striking a pose like he chose to for this shot. *Grin.

– Decaf coffee or cuppa tea + good book in the afternoon = life is good.  Not every afternoon, but when I do, it just feels like a breath of fresh air through my day.  Now that spring is here, I may be switching to iced coffee or sweet tea.  Just sayin’.

– Peach blossoms…sigh.  One of the things I love about our new house is all the fruit trees we now have – peach, plum, pear and fig.  This time of year, they’re definitely starting to show off.  I start drooling just thinking about all the peaches we’ll have come June.

– Since we’ve finished (mostly) our addition/renovation of the new house, I’ve been in nesting/decorating mode.  Which basically means I scour Pinterest and decorating blogs like The Nesting Place for inspiration and hang up a few new pictures, change up the mantle, or unpack some boxes still in storage whenever the mood hits me.  This was my attempt at creating a vignette on top of the piano.  What you can’t see here is the strand of white Christmas lights I tucked under the peach scarf (yep, a scarf) that gives everything a peach glow when they’re on.  It’s far from Pinterest-worthy, but it still makes me smile.

– Another gorgeous tree in our front yard.  I have no idea what it is, but I adore it right now.

– My 5’5″ self has issues reaching the very top shelf of our kitchen cabinets, which go all the way to the ceiling.  Let’s just say that some not-so-coordinated, gymnastic-type maneuvers involving me on the counter-top have been required to access said shelves.  Of course, if my man is around, he graciously (and easily) helps out with his 6’0″ self.  However, I was pretty ecstatic to find this adorable little stool at a friend’s thrift store the other day…for $6.  No more kitchen gymnastics.  Boom.

There you have it, friends.  May you be blessed with little happies along the way today…


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